Quick start

Power on/off

The tracker starts automatically when it is plugged in.
The tracker will automatically turn off:

• When the battery level reaches a critical level
• when it is inactive for a long time
Please note that turning on the tracker does not start the data recording. For this, please refer to the section "Start / Stop recording".


The association allows you to pair your GPS tracker with your phone's application. This operation must be done only once during your first use. A tutorial is also offered in the application if no tracker is paired.
Once on, the tracker can be switched to "Pairing" mode provided that it is not recording or updating.
Pairing is then possible during 90 seconds

Start/stop recording

The recording is to be done before each new session to start the data capture by the GPS tracker. You stop the recording once you have finished your game or training session.
The "Record" mode is only available if the tracker is unplugged. Recording is automatically stopped :

• after a long period of immobility
• in case of low battery
• in case of full memory

Download the app

Download the manual

Help on the app

  • Dashboard

    1- Find out at this location your current MyCoach score. It evolves according to all the performances you get in game. The closer your score is to 100, the closer you are to the ultimate player and the more stars you will get.

    2- This first part presents the game records of some emblematic indicators. To find all your records, go to the Statistics section.

    3- Take the time to browse the news feed to discover the evolutions of your product, the good deals of the moment and the numerous advice of our experts.

    4- The number of sessions awaiting treatment is displayed here. Go to the Sessions area to characterize them and discover your associated performances.

  • Dashboard

    5- In this second part, discover the draw up by characteristic of your MyCoach score and identify your strengths and weaknesses

  • Session history

    1- You can filter your sessions according to different criteria.

    2- Here is what a game card looks like.

    3- Here is what a training card looks like.

    4- A session in yellow means that it is waiting to be processed by you.

  • Session Results

    1- Find out the score you got on this session.

    2- If it was a match, find out how the MyCoach score you got impacted your score as a player.

    3- Browse through the different sections to discover your performance in detail.

    4- Want to edit or share your session? This is where it happens!

  • Session details

    Discover the details of your performance by consulting the indicators measured: for each of them, you get:

    1- the total value obtained with a star if it is your record value in a match.

    2- The progression margin you have left to reach the performance of an ultimate player in your age category.

    3- Reference values to situate your performances.

    4- The values obtained by period.

  • Profile

    1- from your Profile space, you can mainly access your personal data and contact our customer service.

    2- you can also customize your profile picture.


How can we help you?


What countries do you ship to?

For the moment, we only deliver to Metropolitan France. For a purchase in another country, please contact us at: support@mycoachtracker.com.

What size of sports sports bra should I choose?

To determine which sports bra size is best for you, refer to the size chart below.

What does the MyCoach Tracker pack include?

The MyCoach Tracker pack includes the following elements:
x1 MyCoach Tracker
x1 sports bra at the ordered size
x1 USB cable
x1 transport bag
x1 manual

Can I purchase MyCoach Tracker sports bras?

Of course you can! The sports bras are available for purchase at this link.

I changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

You can cancel your order within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the product provided that the product is in its original packaging, unopened, complete and in perfect condition. Upon receipt of the product, we will proceed with the refund of the amount of the order. You will be responsible for the return shipping costs. Contact our customer service to organize the return: support@mycoachtracker.com.

Where can I consult the General Terms and Conditions of the www.mycoachtracker.com website?

The latest version of the General Terms and Conditions of the MyCoach Tracker website is available at this link.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs are displayed at the time of the order and according to the selected delivery method.

After-sales service / Support / Warranty

How can I contact the MyCoach Tracker customer service?

First, browse our online help center. You will certainly find the answers to your questions there. If not, you can contact our customer service at the following email address: support@mycoachtracker.com.

Is myMycoach Tracker guaranteed?

MyCoach Tracker is subject to the legal warranty of conformity for a period of 1 (one) year from the date of receipt by its first user. The detailed conditions of our warranty and return policy are available at href="/en/pages/cgv">this link.

My MyCoach Tracker mobile app doesn’t connect to my MyCoach Tracker. What should I do?

A few simple steps will solve the problem in most cases. Before contacting our support team, MyCoach recommend s that you perform the following process. If at the end of each step the problem persists, go to the next step.

STEP 1 :

1- Recharge your MyCoach Tracker.
2- Restart your smartphone. Make sure Bluetooth connectivity is enabled and that you have a working internet connection via 4G/5G or Wi-Fi.
3- Launch the MyCoach Tracker app, access the Tracker space and restart the pairing procedure with your MyCoach Tracker. Follow the wizard’s instructions.

STEP 2 - Reinstall the MyCoach Tracker app

1- Réinstallez l’application MyCoach Tracker
2- Restart your smartphone. Make sure Bluetooth connectivity is enabled and that you have a working internet connection via 4G/5G or Wi-Fi.

STEP 3 - Reset your MyCoach Tracker

1- Plug your MyCoach Tracker
2- Put your MyCoach Tracker in pairing mode. To do so, press twice the button: your MyCoach Tracker will emit a blue light that flashes rapidly.
3- Press the button five straight times : your MyCoach Tracker it will emit a steady pink light.
4- Launch the MyCoach Tracker app, access the Tracker space and restart the pairing procedure with your MyCoach Tracker. Follow the wizard’s instructions.

If the problem persists, contact our customer service at the following email address support@mycoachtracker.com specifying:
- your MyCoach username
- the problem encoutered
- the tests performed

Terms and conditions of use

In which countries can I use MyCoach Tracker?

MyCoach Tracker can be used in all countries of the European Union.

Is my smartphone compatible with MyCoach Tracker?

MyCoach Tracker is designed to work on most modern smartphones using Android or iOS provided they meet the following criteria: - presence of a Bluetooth Smart Module also called Bluetooth Low Energy
- Android ≥ 4.4
- iOS ≥ 8.0
For an optimal experience, MyCoach strongly recommends the use of a smartphone equipped with Bluetooth functionality "Data Length Extension" (contact your manufacturer to find out if your smartphone is equipped with it).

Is MyCoach Tracker waterproof?

Your MyCoach Tracker meets the IP55 standard. This means that it is splash-proof and you can use it in rainy weather during a game. However, it is not waterproof!
Make sure never to immerse the MyCoach Tracker and to remove it from the technical garment before washing it in the washing machine. This would cause irreversible damage not covered by the warranty.

What are the normal conditions of use of MyCoach Tracker?

MyCoach Tracker is designed for use in Europe, outdoors, in an environment free of any obstacle between the device and the sky between 0°C and +40°C. Its design allows its use in rainy weather during a match. However, it should however never be immersed in water.

Can I use MyCoach Tracker in an indoor environment?

No. MyCoach Tracker uses the GNSS technology (GPS) to determine the position of the athlete in real time with maximum accuracy. This technology is ineffective in indoor environments (gymnasium, indoor field, ...).

Can I use my MyCoach Tracker for other sports than soccer?

No. MyCoach Tracker is currently only intended for soccer practice. We are working on adding other sports

Can I use my MyCoach Tracker in official games?

MyCoach Tracker has successfully passed the FIFA qualification programs "FIFA basic" also known under its former name IMS (International Match Standard). Unless otherwise specified, this approval allows you to wear it in official games.

Can I use MyMycoach Tracker with my computer?

No. The MyCoach Tracker experience is only available through the MyCoach Tracker mobile application.

Do I need a subscription to use my Mycoach Tracker?

No. Once your purchase is complete, you can use your MyCoach Tracker at no additional cost.

Is there a MyCoach Tracker Coach solution?

There is no coach solution for the moment. We are working on this possibility, but no date has been set yet. However, group purchases are possible. For more information, please contact our customer service at the following email address: support@mycoachtracker.com.

Can I see the results of the measurements in real time?

No. You can access your post-session results immediately after synchronizing your MyCoach Tracker.

Does my Mycoach Tracker measure the heart rate?

Mycoach Tracker does not measure the heart rate.

Can I use my MyCoach Tracker for a soccer practice other than 11-a-side soccer?

MyCoach Tracker covers all soccer practices as long as they are played outdoors. Nevertheless, the scores are calculated according to the performances evaluated in FOOT11.

Can I use the same smartphone with several Mycoach Trackers?

No. At a given time, a smartphone can only communicate with one MyCoach Tracker.

Do I need an internet connection to use my Mycoach Tracker?

Yes, calculating your athletic performance involves complex algorithms developed by our research and development teams. To ensure a fast and secure processing time regardless of your smartphone's performance, the MyCoach Tracker application needs to interact with our cloud architecture.

In which languages ​​is the MyCoach Tracker mobile application available?

The MyCoach Tracker application is currently available in French and English. Other languages will be added over time

Do I have to keep my smartphone on me while using my MyCoach Tracker?

No. You can leave your smartphone in the locker room during your session. Your MyCoach Tracker is an autonomous equipment regarding the recording of activity data.

MyCoach Tracker features

What is the duration of activity that Mycoach Tracker is able to record in memory?

Mycoach Tracker is able to record up to 10 hours of activity! Nevertheless, it is recommended to synchronize the data recorded by the Mycoach Tracker as often as possible to keepd the synchronization time low.

What is the battery life of the Mycoach Tracker?

With a 100% charged battery, MyCoach Tracker is able to record up to 6 hours of continuous activity. It should be noted that the temperature conditions can significantly impact the autonomy especially in cold weather.

Which technologies does Mycoach Tracker use?

To determine the position of the athlete in real time, MyCoach Tracker uses GNSS (GPS) technology and accelerometer data. Its design allows it to work simultaneously with 3 satellite constellations. To communicate with the smartphone, MyCoach Tracker uses Bluetooth Smart technology also known as Bluetooth Low Energy available on all modern smartphones.


How should I maintain my Mycoach Tracker?

After each use, clean the surface of your Mycoach Tracker with a damp cloth. Only use water.

How should I maintain my sports bra?

After each use, wash your Mycoach tracker technical garment in washing machine at 30°C inside out.
- Do not use a dryer
- do not use bleaching products
- do not ironbr>Be sure to remove your mycoach tracker from the sports bra before washing it; This would cause irreversible damage not covered by your warranty.

How do I recharge my Mycoach Tracker?

Recharge your Mycoach Tracker with the supplied USB cable. You can connect it to any equipment with a powered USB port.
Once connected to a compatible power source, the indicator light shows you the current charge status:
- steady red: charging
- steady green: charged

Recording / Synchronizing

What happens when the memory of Mycoach Tracker is full?

When the Mycoach Tracker detects that the memory is full, it automatically stops the current activity recording. To be able to record an activity again, the user must first synchronize the recorded data.

How accurate are the measurements of my MyCoach Tracker ?

In optimal conditions, the MyCoach Tracker is capable of positioning the user in space to within one meter. This is the highest level of accuracy that can be achieved with GNSS technology without additional fixed ground points of comparison (RTK)

Should I synchronize my MyCoach Tracker after each use?

No! Your MyCoach Tracker can store up to 10 hours of activity. However, the more data you have to synchronize, the longer it takes to transfer. MyCoach recommends to synchronize your MyCoach Tracker as soon as possible to keep the transfer time down.

Can I divide my session into periods?

Of course you can! Thanks to its unique graphical cutting component, you can in a few clicks delimit the game periods of your session and exclude the rest. You can define up to 6 periods.

Can I record a session while my Mycoach Tracker is charging?

No. For safety reasons, position data acquisition is only possible if the MyCoach Tracker is unplugged.


What are the performance metrics tracked by Mycoach Tracker?

'- Maximum speed
- Maximum acceleration
- Number of changes of direction: changes of direction of more than 60° above a speed depending on the age category.
- Number of accelerations: accelerations performed above a threshold depending on the age category.
- Number of sprints: sprints performed above the sprint speed (depending on the age category).
- Sprinted distance: distance covered above the sprint speed (depending on the age category)
- Average speed: ratio of the distance covered to the duration of the session
- Power Events: situations where the metabolic power is above a threshold depending on the age category

How is the Mycoach Tracker Performance score calculated over a session?

Over each session, the MyCoach Tracker system evaluates your performance metric by metric against benchmark values depending on your age, gender and position. The result is a score between 30 and 100 that can be broken down by athletic c.hannel The higher your score, the closer you are to the ultimate player.

How is my age category determined?

Your age category is determined according by the age you are at the start date of the current season.
- <14 years old: Junior
- Between 14 and 17 years old: Academy
- Between 18 and 36 years old: Senior
-> 36 years old: Veteran

Are the performances calculated in the same way for the different age categories?

Because an athlete's performance evolves throughout their life, the MyCoach Tracker system calculates performance differently depending on the age category considered. The configuration parameters of the calculation engine, as well as the benchmark values are adapted to the age of the athlete.

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