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MyCoach Tracker is a technology which benefits from the scientific, technological and field expertise of two French companies leaders on their market: McLloyd, specialized in the design of hardware for tracking and data collection for the professional world and MyCoach, digital partner of professional and amateur clubs in the accompaniment, the follow-up and the optimization of the performance thanks to the valorization of the data. MyCoach Tracker relies on high-frequency GPS technology directly from the elite for ultra-precise tracking of athletic performance of the soccer player who practices outdoors.

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MyCoach Tracker is the only GPS made and assembled in France and FIFA labelled.. This allows you to use it in training as well as in official games and guarantees that it does not present any risk on the field for you or your opponents.

The MyCoach Tracker score

MyCoach has designed a score from 50 to 100 based on studies and performances observed within the professional and amateur world confronted to our team of physical trainers. Our 11 years of experience in the field and R&D have enabled us to develop algorithms and determine the main metrics used in the world of soccer to measure performance.

This score will allow you to draw up your athletic profile game after game and to follow the evolution of a set of indicators: compare your sprints, observe your average speeds, your power or your agility…
The more games you play, the more accurate your profile will be!
Thanks to this score, you will be able to compare yourself to players with the same profile as you (age/gender/position) or to pros.
Identify your strengths and weaknesses, optimize your training and measure your progress!

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Enjoy advice and exercises from soccer experts!

    • Maximal speed: highest speed reached during the session
    • Number of sprints: sprints performed above the sprint speed (depending on age category and gender)
    • Sprint Distance: : distance covered above the sprint speed speed (depending on age category and gender)
    • Total distance: distance traveled during the entire session
    • Average speed: ratio of the distance covered to the duration of the session
    • Maximal acceleration: fastest increase in speed over a given unit of time
    • Number of accelerations: number of times the speed has increased significantly over a given unit of time (depending on age category and gender)
    • Number of Power Events: situations where the metabolic power is above a threshold depending on age category and gender
    • Number of direction changes: direction changes of more than 60° above a speed depending on age category and gender

The pros' point of view

Alexandre Dellal
Alexandre Dellal

• Doctor and HDR in sports Science
• Physical trainer for Vahid Halilhodzic, Claude Puel, Lucien Favre and Djamel Belmadi.

Nicolas Dyon
Nicolas Dyon

• Degree of coach and physical trainer of the French Federation of Football
• Physical trainer at AS Saint-Étienne, Stade Rennais and OGC Nice
• International experience with the Qatar National Team and in Switzerland

Analyze and share your results

MyCoach Tracker is equipped with a free mobile application that communicates via Bluetooth with the tracker. Once paired with your MyCoach Tracker, it will allow you to quickly retrieve the recorded data. You will be able to keep track of your training sessions and matches, cut your sessions in order to analyze only the game phases and follow the evolution of your performance simply and intuitively.

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An unforgettable performance, a broken record? You can share it with your teammates.

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